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I never thought I'd be THAT teenager/young adult. 
You know, the one that swears their parents are ridiculous?
The teenager that counts down the days until they get to leave and be by themselves.
The teenager that can't wait to make their own decisions without their parents.
The teenager that thinks their parents are ridiculous and have NO idea what they're talking about. 
The teenager that can't handle another second of hearing the word "NO!" and the 1,000 reasons why.
The teenager that is waiting for the moment to scream "HA!" to no one in particular and prove EVERYONE wrong. 
The teenager that is so hopelessly in love that they make callous decisions based around that one person. 
And I am that teenager. 
My parents had me when they were VERY young, and were married when they were 5 months pregnant with yours truly. As a result, my being in a serious relationship at the age I am is the LAST thing they want to deal with. 
College, college, college, college, college, college......... then, ten years after that, maybe a husband. 
That's just not what I want. The person I'm with now, the guy who is truly, 100% my best friend, is who I want to be with. After four years of college, if we're still going strong and are doing what's best for ourselves and each other, yes, I plan on marrying him, and he has expressed the same to me. My parents, on the other hand, want me to be single. At least until I have a bachelor's degree, maybe a master's degree, in hand. When my boyfriend asked their opinion on his getting me a promise ring, they grounded me from seeing him for a month and decided it'd be best that I didn't have a promise ring until I was through with my first year of college. Engagement ring I understand, but promise ring? I don't know.... 
Is it a crime that I can't wait to move out on my own to show them that I can do what I want to do (aka college) and become who I want to be AND be with my boyfriend? Is it awful that I can't wait to prove them wrong? And not in a malicious way... more like an eager, excited kind of way. I want to show them that my life isn't 100% about him and that I can be me and be with him. I'm more of myself with him than I am with any of my other so-called friends, and even more than my brothers sometimes. Is it terrible that, after a few months of being on my own, I'd accept a promise ring, with or without my parents approval? Is this the rant of a stereotypical teenager who needs to be knocked off their high pedestal and slapped in the face with a dictionary of reality? I'm not sure. And I love my parents..... but I'm ready to be me. (And that doesn't include my boyfriend, that's just me in general. Let's face it. A double major in history and anthropology isn't exactly the most impressive for a parent to digest, no matter how happy their kid would be in that field...).



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I'm fun and exciting, and I'll be your friend and love you until you give me a reason not to! I'll literally talk about almost anything, and I love all types of art. Check out my gallery, drop me a comment, and let me know how your world is spinning ;)

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